Our Story

It all began with a simple idea which became family tradition. Each year in early December, my sister-in-law’s mother would bring her young grandchildren outside to plant candy cane “seeds” in the snow. Two weeks later when the children returned for their annual Christmas gathering, they would harvest the fully “grown” candy canes from the garden where they’d planted the seeds. Of course, the seeds required a little bit of magic and “help” from grandma and grandpa, but oh, what joy!

One of the things I love most about the holiday season is seeing excitement and anticipation in the eyes of a young child. The candy cane seed tradition is a simple, yet perfect activity to create lasting memories with the young child(ren) in your life.

While talking with my sister-in-law, Michele, about these family traditions, it occurred to us that perhaps there was a way to bring the magic of this tradition to more families. And so, the idea to share our Candy Cane Gardening Kit began to sprout!